Spot Hollow Farm is located just outside Trumansburg New York in wine country along Cayuga lake. Our farm consists of 10 acres of pasture land, as well as 65 acres of leased land that, for one weekend of the year, is home to the area’s famous Grassroots Festival.
At Spot Hollow Farm we raise a flock of grassfed, JSBA registered Jacob sheep. Our Jacob flock consists of around 60 adult ewes and 5 rams, most are 4 horned with some 2 horned as well – we have both black and lilac (gray) Jacobs in our flock. Although Jacob sheep are our main focus, we also raise show quality ADGA registered Alpine goats and bantam chickens at our farm. Jacob sheep are a rare heritage breed of sheep noted for their black and white spots and multiple horns – Jacobs can have as few as 2 horns to as many as 6 horns. Jacobs are known for their lean, mild tasting meat and excel in grassfed programs, making it an ideal choice for our farm.
In addition to our grassfed meat, we also offer other roducts our sheep produce, including many colors of roving, raw fleeces, horns and Jacob pelts (sheepskins). We offer breeding stock as well – both Jacob sheep and Alpine goats. Our Jacobs are bred for mothering ability, horn structure, fleece quality, markings, parasite resistance and hardiness.
Our flock is pastured from May until we run out of grass – usually not until January. Lambs are born in the spring, usually between March and May with some surprises arriving at other times of the year. At Spot Hollow Farm we specialize in raising grassfed lamb for sale to local costumers and hopefully soon, local stores. Our lambs are generally born on pasture and remain there with their mothers until they reach an appropriate weight (usually around October/November). During this time, the lambs are only eating grass and mother’s milk – because our lambs are raised this way, they are healthier than their grainfed counterparts and produce a very lean, mild tasting meat. The meat is also healthier for human consumption when raise this way, as it has more Omega-3 fatty acids and less unhealthy fat than conventionally raise meat.
To contact us, or order our some of our products, email us at Spotted_sheep@bluefrog.com or give us a call at 607-387-5494. Farm visits available by appointment – lambing time is the most popular.

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